You can now deposit the LIC policy only by sitting at home, the work will be done within minutes

By | July 6, 2019

There is no guarantee that millions of people in the country have taken an insurance policy from LIC. But millions of these people still deposit the installment of their insure by going to LIC agent trust or LIC branch.

In fact, it is a difficult task to forget to deposit insurance installment several times from the top. In such a situation, the next time they deposit the installment, they have to pay a penalty, the number of days insurance premium is not deposited is not received from the policy.

Explain that LIC Online premium deposit facility can be availed of in this manner. Actually, the last installment can be deposited on the last day and can be availed of this facility wherever it is done all over the country.

It is known that through this online facility, people can also deposit premiums, besides knowing the status of policy status, bonus status, loan status.

In this way, registration in LIC

Explain that first time people have to register for LIC’s online payment facility. In fact, this registration is done on the LIC website. Know that the LIC website’s address is Visiting this website will not be first on the “New User” tab.

Let us know that people can then create their user-id and password. After this, people can do their LIC premium deposit by providing some important information.

Login Login on LIC’s portal

It is known that LIC can take advantage of many services after the registration of the portal. Yes, for that you have to give some other information including LIC policy. Let us now go to LIC’s website and press Tab of e-services. Here you will be asked for user-id and password.

Let us know that after completing this procedure, you will login. After this a farm will open. Here you will have to register your policy. After filling out this form, take out the printout of this form. After this, sign on this print form and upload its scan copy.

It is known that apart from this, the scan card for verification of PAN card, Aadhar card or passport will be sought for verification. You must upload any one of these.

Verification code from LIC

Explain that LIC will send you an e-mail and SMS as soon as Verification is completed. By entering this verification code you can complete your registration. After that you can take full advantage of the e-services of LIC. Apart from filling up the premium in these works, there are many things involved.

Premium can also be deposited without registration

If you want to deposit only premium of LIC policy, you do not need registration for this. Yes, the premium of the LIC policy can be deposited online in another way.

Know LIC Premium Payment Method

For this, first of all, the LIC website will go to There will be a tab of premium online payment in online services. After here, let us tell you at Pay Direct that a new window will open after this. Now select your favorite browser and select Renewal Premium option from the drop-down menu.

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