How did Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ relationship with Steve Jobs Apple?

By | July 9, 2019

The 80s for the tech world was very special. This was the time when Microsoft and Apple were climbing the stairs of success in one of their initial journeys. Today these two companies are regarded as experts in the field of technology.

Since these two companies were working in the same area, competition between them was abusive. In this case, Microsoft promoter Bill Gates and Apple’s founder Steve Jobs were considered to be very big critics and rivalry in that era. It is a matter of fact that later both of them became deep friends.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates openly talked about Apple founder Steve Jobs in an interview about this.

He said – Steve was a man of awesome. The art of choosing his talent was unimaginable. He always kept motivated and kept his employees motivated too. Those who worked with them were never tired. It was his talent that the employees of Apple used to work for several hours and there was no complaint from them. Not only this, Steve Jobs’s designing was also amazing.

Bill said that at one time it was such that after Steve’s departure, Apple was on the verge of closure, but later he saved the company. He even said that Steve was like a magician, whose magic would have surprised people. But, I was not among them.

It is known that Apple died in 2011 due to cancer of Steve Jobs who designed iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

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